This is a sample web page edited with the template “webpage”, you can edit a similar web page or click on the “XML” button to see its source content

Basic web page template

Title level 1

Title level 2

This is a sample paragraph.

This is a list with a list header :

  • first item of list
  • and second list item

This is a lines block
it is composed of only 3 lines of text
but you can add more

Photo Photo

This illustration component supports one or more images and a legend. You can associate each image with an URL to open when clicking the image. If no URL is defined clicking the image will show it in its original size. This document template sets the maximum image width to 400 pixels. You can also edit some more parameters in the dark menu at the top of the illustration.

Additional notes

Typographical effects

In this template bold, italic and verbatim are obtained using a “wiki”-like syntax. That means you need to border with ** a span of text to show in bold, with __ for a span of text to show in italic, and with '' (two single quotes) a span of text to show as verbatim. There is also a syntax for hypertext links using == around the anchor text and writing the URL right after between parentheses.

The AXEL editing library currently does not currently have a rich-text-editing component, however that could be added using the AXEL plugin API.

About additional editor's commands

Validation / Cancellation. Validate text entry with the carriage return key or by clicking outside of the editing field. Cancel by pressing the Escape key.

Cut-and-Paste. Press the keyboard SHIFT key when clicking on the minus (-) icon to cut a fragment. Press the keyboard SHIFT key when clicking on the plus (+) icon to paste the last cut fragment. A current limitation is that you can only Cut-and-Paste between fragments belonging to the same repetition group (this requires a little practice to get use to it).

Orthographic correction. Browser's correction applies to the fragment you are editing.